top of page Workshop ONE - Original and Combo puzzles, explore the The Kaleidoscope effect

November - December 2023 (online - open for international participation)
February 2024 (Auroville, India)
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Module 1
  • Introduction to the first principle - Nothing can be taught
  • Mapping of operations of our consciousness (foundations for integral learning/assessment).
  • Concentration and attention to detail through Beginner Level materials and creation of materials.
  • Learning to observe and support children in their cognitive development.
  • Deconstruction of Beginner patterns online.

Module 2  
  • Introduction to the second  principle - The mind must be consulted in its own growth​​​
  • Designing learning for peace and human unity - Systemic change, materials in progressive levels, transformative qualities.
  • 12 Qualities immersion activity. ​​​
  • Exploration when colouring and creating one's own puzzles online, with endless possibilities.


Module 3
  • Introduction to the third  principle - From the near to the far, from that which is to that which shall be
  • The Kaleidoscope effect - Education for human unity and sustainable development .
  • Deconstruction, construction and creativity through play with Elements.
  • Exploring complex patterns and collaborative work through Challenge Level materials.
  • Deconstruction of challenge patterns online.
With the training you get:

  • The Kaleidoscope Puzzle manual for facilitators.

  •  Progressive levels to create classroom materials.​
  • Create one's own physical puzzles.

  • Subscription for 365 days of free play and exploration on the online platform.
  • Access to 400 + ready educational Kaleidoscope Puzzles in progressive levels. 
After completing the the training you will be certified to work with kaleidoscope puzzles. During the course of the workshop you will create your own complete set of classroom materials, and be ready to introduce the material to your students. Participation in the training does not require any previous experience, all you need is your own curiosity. The training is offered in English.  
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