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India is reinventing its educational system with the National Education Policy (NEP 2020), through new aims, content and methods. When working towards a restructured curriculum, holistic student development, experiential learning, critical thinking and increased student choice, teacher training and new educational tools are needed.
NEP 2020 states that mathematics and mathematical thinking should be given increased emphasis throughout the school years. This should be done through “a variety of innovative methods, including the regular use of puzzles and games that make mathematical thinking more enjoyable and engaging” (NEP 2020, p.15).
  • To support teachers in this work, Aurogames has created a free online platform for schools to enjoy close to 500 ready educational puzzles in progressive levels, as well as the hands on exploration when colouring and creating one's own puzzles, with endless possibilities. The Aurogames School Platform is suitable for students between ages 4 -18. 
  • Through experiential and play-based learning, students improve concentration and creativity by exercising the mind to pay attention to detail, become agile, and train memory. They offer art-integration by working through a visual and artistic medium to develop mathematical thinking, analytic skills, and understanding of geometric concepts through patterns and orientation. Puzzle pieces can be put together in infinite ways, like the turn of a kaleidoscope, to allow the mind to open up and become flexible, to see different possibilities and solutions, essential skills for children growing up in the world today.
  • Teachers need opportunities for self-improvement, both to deepen their knowledge in new ways of looking at teaching and learning, as well as becoming familiar with the latest pedagogical and didactic innovations. We offer a 2- 4 hour long professional development session for teachers which includes both educational aims and classroom implementation of Aurogames.  After this, students can enjoy a subscription for 365 days of free play and exploration. If your school would like to renew the subscription for the coming year, this continues to be free of cost, after filling a short feedback survey to help us improve our work.
Request access to Aurogames FREE School Platform Here
Help us share Aurogames with as many schools as we can!
  • We wish to have a system of schools supporting each other, to be able to reach as many students as possible. If you are a school with ability to contribute financially towards the professional development training of your teachers when setting up Aurogames, the funds you contribute will be used to also offer the same training free to teachers in a government school, or school with limited financial resources.
  • Do you want to help contribute towards this work? Donations are welcome! (90% of all donations go toward school implementation, 10% goes to cover transaction fees, platform fees and administrative costs).
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