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What is an Unending Education?

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Lifelong learning is a term used commonly in the field of education today, and refers to the ongoing learning and adaptability that is needed for a rapidly changing world. It is for example used when referring to the 21st century skills of the neoliberal, ambition oriented educational movement that is seen globally today.

We want to point out the importance that this is not to be confused with the term Unending Education, which is an integral journey developing human awareness, and learning to put this growing awareness into one's practices in everyday life.

The first step towards an Unending Education is acknowledging that learning and growth happens in stages of development. That each individual has areas to grow in, like ego, compassionate communication skills, listening skills, and an ability to see something from various points to understand it truly.

Auroville is a place to realize Human Unity. Here education needs to be fully dedicated to this aim. But this is also alive in curriculums in many counties, under different names - developing social and emotional intelligence, practicing mindfulness etc. The way we educate children needs to build the skills and abilities needed for this. When they transition into adulthood they they can take leaps forwards by building a society on new foundational values of being and living.

But Human unity in this world can only come through adults who embark on a conscious journey of Unending Education. Being guided by one’s truth comes by being able to see without judging, blaming and criticizing, but going beyond and rising above this into values of open-mindedness, understanding complexity and the bigger picture, and to be able to solve problems at their core. It is an education aiming to connect each individual to their inner wisdom, replacing fear and judgment with curiosity and care.

By widening through a curiosity to understand that there are different perspectives and solutions, that no one perspective is complete, comes an interest to connect the dots and find long term solutions. This expansion will grow the individual understanding of the impact of one’s own thoughts and actions, and bring forth a responsibility for these.

It we adults are able to give our children an Integral Education during their childhood and adolescence, this will aim to set the foundation for an Unending Education throughout their adult lives. Following the expanding maturity of each individual child, education should aim to develop individualism not at the cost of others but through awareness of oneself, others and of the environment.

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