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Three women to be inspired by

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

As we are transforming education, we are transforming the content of it. When offering education as a leaning through Aha! moments and self discovery through one’s own experiences, Maria Montessori dedicated her life and work to understanding child development and creating such materials. It is surprising that her didactic tools are not used more widely in Integral Schools, as there is not need to reinvent the wheel where such amazing work has already been done.

Great minds connect with each other, and Mirra Alfassa, visionary and founder of Auroville, was in correspondence with Maria Montessori as she set up the first Integral Education kindergarten in Pondicherry. Maria Montessori was at that time developing her ideas of cosmic education Kodaikanal. Pondicherry and Kodaikanal are both towns in South India. It’s a small world…

A little later, Auroculture, who worked in the flower gardens at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, was asked by Mirra Alfassa to create educational games for the children in the Ashram school. She did, and over 30 games and activities emerged from her creative insight. There games covered early language, mathematics and kaleidoscope mandala patterns. Her language and mathematic materials take inspiration from Maria Montessori’s materials, but the kaleidoscope mandala activities introduce new concepts, complementing an area that Montessori had not included in her curriculum.

Through our research of the original Aurogames, a whole series of games and activities have evolved. Just like all Montessori materials, Aurogames now offers a progression from concrete experiences towards a more abstract understanding.

Through active research with Integral Education, Montessori’s materials fill an important function when preparing the environment based on the concept that “nothing can be taught, from age 4 -14. Now Aurogames have found their place in this environment.

If you want guidance, training or support when introducing Aurogames into your Integral/Montessori learning environment, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

You will find the whole progression of Aurogames here!

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