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The joy of play

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Feeling joy is a gift we want to give to all children. To see laughter and a twinkle in the eye. A magical connection to what they are doing. The wonder in their eyes when they experience Aha! moments, the expression of fulfillment when completing a challenging task.

We watch for these moments that show that the activity the child is engaging in is meaningful. When the child is showing this connection to the activity, we build on it further, offering new ways of engagement.

To feel complete, happy and connected, even for brief moments, is very important. To create sensory landmarks of wellbeing and completion for the child to find their way back to in other situations.

When creating a learning environment, we want it to offer children many opportunities of experiencing joy. But joy should not be confused with fun. Fun is temporary, and although important, it is mostly dependent on outer entertainment. Joy is something deeper, coming from an inner experience.

We often see these moments when children work with Aurogames. It is an acknowledgment that play with these games and activities stimulates something within the child. Sparking a curiosity, and bringing the child to engage from intrinsic motivation, the fulfillment being in the exploration of the activity itself.

Through our research and development of Aurogames, observing joy in children is something we take close note of. It also helps to know if the activity offered is at the right level for the child, or if something needs to be adjusted to bring forth these experiences. This way we have a wide variety of activities as a part of our games series, and within every level there is a variety of ways through which to explore. The work of the adult is to observe the child, and to guide them to find these moments within themselves.

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