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The gift of playing with your child

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

We live is a time of doing, where just being together has become a rarity. The world reflects a hurried lifestyle, with less time for families to spend quality time together.

As the world stopped and schools around the globe closed, parents have been offered an ideal chance to take time to engage fully with their children, to connect and find joy together. When parents join their children in play they are given the possibility to bond on a deeper level. We would like to invite you to take this opportunity.

We believe that this is a time when habits can be changed, and parents can reconsider what their children should fill their days doing. Has the screen taken over too many hours each day? Is there a need to break patterns that are seemingly unhealthy? To find something new to do TOGETHER.

Children are naturally curious, and offering them educational materials to play with can give them a starting point for creativity and exploration. When introduced to an educational material, we have on so many occasions observed a natural drive in the child - to test a hypotheses about how it works, by touching, manipulating parts and observing details to figure it out.

Amazingly, children’s play with such materials not only gives them insight in the particular material with which they are interacting, but the knowledge gained through such exploratory play can help children generalize and broaden their understanding of different concepts . This helps them develop the creativity and strategies needed to successfully tackle novel problems that they meet. Instead of giving up immediately when not succeeding, children learn to keep trying and to test different strategies until they can solve the problem.

The interactions that occur when parents are paying full attention and are present with their children, helps to build enduring relationships. To be able to observe and understand the child’s needs and challenges. By being attentive in the moment, parents can scaffold their child’s play by asking thoughtful questions, by commenting on the child’s discoveries, or encouraging further exploration or introducing new aspects to the child’s activity. Parents learn to communicate more effectively with their children and are given opportunities to offer gentle, nurturing guidance. It brings a slower pace, valuable time to just be together.

Through conscious parenting , a child’s environment can be enriched by providing educational materials and experiences that promote learning through play. Activities that the child can do alone, or that you can do together with your child. Aurogames offers a range of leveled educational materials. The uniqueness of these activities lies in their revealing character. The playing corresponds to the learners’ curiosity. The games offer endless possibilities for the children. Knowledge is not to be fed, but to be explored. The games encourage learning in an atmosphere of equality, respect and harmony. Because, “when we play with each other, we are all equals” (Auroculture).

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