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Summer Fun!

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Summer is here and children all around the world are starting a long and well needed school holiday. Time to enjoy family moments, to play freely and break the usually structured daily routines that form the rest of the year.

Although it is important for children to get this change and freedom, having some routines to continue to develop concentration are also beneficial. The long summer gap can otherwise make it difficult for children to readjust to the classroom work when the new school year begins.

For many children it has already been a difficult year, schools have been closed or classes taught online. Therefore continued learning and regularity with focused work is now extremely helpful for many children.

We have created a new series of home materials with simple child-friendly instructions that children can work with independently. These are perfect for you as teacher to offer the parents of your students in these times.

These creative materials improve children's concentration through coloring and puzzling. They learn to recognize and create patterns with symmetry and mirroring, through systematic observation and problem-solving.

Summer Fun includes our Beginner levels for those of you working with ages 6-9. Either download and print ready worksheets for your students, or simply share the link with parents. Don't miss this opportunity for your students!

For older students, age 9-12, we can recommend our challenge activities.

Download all our levels here

Through these games and activities teachers can in a simple and joyful way support students in the coming months. Because they are designed so that children can work with them independently, they do not put extra strain on parents.

We know that children will enjoy the fun and creativity of this focused work.

Let's Play!

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