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Kids on holiday

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

As schools are closed, either because of lockdown or summer holidays, families are spending more time together. Although it's positive with more family time, it is also putting strain or relationships. Children do well with regularity, and being out of the normal rhythm can be stressful for all parties.

Without normal routines of school and work, families are adapting to the continuously changing circumstances. Parents need to keep their children busy and happy, while managing their own work at the same time. Screens have become an easy solution, and in these times children are spending too much time with digital entertainment.

To find a balance between screen-time, focused, mentally stimulating activities, and physical movement, requires some planning from parents. Introducing a balanced daily routine that sees to a more holistic development of the child, will bring more harmony and joy in the family.

How can parents support their children by creating routines that support continued growth and development?

We have developed our Aurogames activities into a series for parents:

- easy to print worksheets/printables

- child friendly -step by step instructions to support children to work independently

- activities that stimulate mental activity such as comparison, critical thinking and observing patterns

- engagement that brings focused attention and concentration

- creative activities in several steps (coloring, cutting, puzzling, building novel patterns)

Our Summer Fun coloring Activities Level 1 and 2 will keep the kids (age 5-10) busy.

Soon we will have our whole series of summer activities Level 1-6 available to parents, with simple instructions that the children can follow independently, with minimum guidance from you. We hope that this will support your family in these times, and offer your children continued growth and lots of Summer Fun creating and playing with Aurogames.

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