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Secret gift giving in holiday times

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

2020 was a year of many changes for all of humanity. It has been a year of reflection. Leaving this year in the past opens a new chapter in our human history. Of more awareness, and of more conscious choices and actions.

We see a world coping with overwhelming consumerism, huge inequality and an amount of waste that is suffocating our planet, it can be good to change to sustainable ways of giving and celebrating the holidays this year.

Instead of buying mountains of gifts for friends and family, we can make giving about something else from now on. About surprise, care, and attention to detail. That is the true joy of giving and receiving.

How can we bring fun and simplicity into the act of giving? To bring the attention away from consumerism, wish-lists, and giving because it is expected - to playfulness and gratitude.

In Scandinavia, the old tradition of Julklapp (knocking Christmas) was to knock on someone’s door, throw in a gift when the door would open, and then quickly run away. This tradition has evolved, and lovely new traditions have sprung out of it.

How to play Secret gift exchange games, where no one will know who is getting whom a gift:

Version 1:

Everyone can write their name on a paper (friends, family, or coworkers). They can also write something that they wish for, to help the person who picks their name actually get them something that is useful. Fold the names and put them in a bowl. Everyone secretly picks a name. This is the person you will be preparing a gift for.

At the gift giving event, all the gifts can be placed around the tree or in another way, and given out one by one. Can you figure out who gave you a gift?

Version 2:

Everyone brings a gift that could be useful to anyone. It is wrapped and simply given a number. The matching numbers are put in a bowl, and each person gets to draw a number, receive and open a gift, and try to guess who it’s from.

For ideas of gifts that could suit anyone, have a look at our games and activities! Lots of fun and exploration guaranteed for people of all ages, with a minimum impact on the environment!

Another inspiring idea for a Christmas gift exchange is the NO BUY version. Give something you already have, or make by yourself. Here there is no limit to just giving one gift, or to one person. You can give in abundance. If you would like to make a game to give away, try our free sample. Just download it here, color it beautifully, and your gift is ready.

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