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SAMPLE - Pattern coloring and building

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Try this SAMPLE of our level 4 game and activity

FREE SAMPLE is for you - teacher or parent - to try our games and activities yourself. This exploration will give you an insight into the learning opportunities that Aurogames will offer your students/children.

The sample contains both a game and a coloring activity.

Children love to play and learn the best through their own explorations. Our activities cater to the anthroposophical approach to learning, nurturing the child holistically, through intellectual, artistic, and practical skills.

The learning theories of Montessori education are an integral part of these activities, supporting the child’s sensorial development from concrete experiences toward an abstract understanding. It is through their own discoveries and Aha! moments, supported by the inbuilt self correction that these games support a deeper learning.

Watch children engaging in the coloring activity here:

We hope that you will value the experience of this activity, and feel inspired to continue to explore our other games and activities.

As a teacher or parent you can try our free sample of Level 4 Activity and Game. Trying this yourself will support you greatly when working with your child/ren. Download the FREE pdf (10 pages) and enjoy!

Here are preview pages of the pdf that you can download to make your own game:

Look at the slideshow below to see children engaging in the coloring activity and game.

Get your own copy of the activity here.

Let's Play!

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