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Level 5 - Kaleidoscope Mandala Coloring

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Suitable for children age 9 +, or from grade 3 and above. Adults enjoy this activity too.

Whatever the age, we are confident anyone will enjoy and learn in this free coloring!

Activity Description

Choose one of the 12 Kaleidoscope Mandala Patterns to color. This is an activity best done alone, in silence or while listening to concentration music.

Give yourself time to stop and be with yourself for a moment, find joy and creativity in the colors you choose. Try coloring with a wide variety of colors or with very few, and observe how you work with the pattern in different ways. Pay attention to detail, symmetry, mirroring, repetition of shapes and patterns.

Here are preview pages of the pdf that you can download to make your own game:

Materials needed

· Printed copy the 12 Kaleidoscope Mandala Patterns

· Water colors, water color pencils or color pencils

Get your own copy of the activity here.

Let’s Play!

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