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Level 4 - Pattern Building Game

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Suitable for children age 9 – 12 years, or from grades 3 – 6. Choose to do it either as a group activity or individually, either in school or at home. Adults enjoy this activity too.

Whatever the age, we are confident anyone will enjoy and learn in this exploration!

Game Description

This Level 4 game deepens the complexity compared to previous levels. Now complex Patterns (12) are built using 25 Base Cards. The Patterns can also be constructed using the smaller Elements.

This game is especially designed for developing attention to detail. They are self correcting and can be used by children of any age, and in any country, as they do not require any language. They train the faculty of sight, the child’s visual perception, training the eye to recognize and distinguish, to see forms, shapes, edges and spaces, as well as the relationship between these.

The games also stimulate the mathematical mind. Symmetry is one of the most elementary terms in geometry, and by playing Pattern Building symmetry is explored, through orientation and mirroring. This contributes to a flexibility and elasticity of the mind, as well as creativity and imagination.

This game comes with clear, step by step game instructions. There are 25 Base Cards, 12 Complex Patterns, and 3 sheets of Elements (all the small parts that make up the base cards) to print in color. For ease of use and to last longer, the printed Base Cards and elements can to be and glued on cardstock, and the Complex Patterns can be laminated.

Here are preview pages of the pdf that you can download to make your own game:

Continued play with this activity helps children learn - to look to see and understand, persevere, focus attention, compare to find mistakes and self-correct. Over 5 years exploring and conducting research we observed skills such as creativity, mathematical thinking, visual discernment, flexibility, spatial perception, and symmetry emerge over time.

Materials needed

· Printed copy of the Teacher Instructions and Game Sheets (Base Cards, Complex Patterns and Elements)

· Cardstock (Cereal carton or other upcycled items will work) for the Base Cards and elements

· Scissors

· Glue

· Permanent marker

· Laminations sheets

· Small zip bags

Get your own copy of the game here.

Let’s Play!

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