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Level 4 - Color and Create Your Own Pattern Building Activity

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Suitable for children age 9 – 12 years, or for grades 3 – 6. Choose to do it either as a group activity or individually, either in school or at home.

Activity description

This activity is a great follow up to our Level 3 activities and game. It can also be the starting point for older children/youth or adults who have not worked with Levels 1-3. It fosters further development in children with deepened complexity in the patterns. This activity can be explored in different ways, offering more or less challenge in the coloring.

Have students enjoy making their own game, and have fun playing it too. Educational coloring activities to develop concentration, creativity, focus, mathematical thinking, visual discernment, flexibility, special perception, symmetry, and fine motor skills.

See a video of children engaging in the activity here.

This activity supports lesson plans, clear step-by step teacher directions/tips, and student-friendly guided directions.

Here are preview pages of the pdf that you can download to make your own game:

Through the lessons the students create their own game, to be played in the last lesson. The pack comes with three lesson worksheets, through which puzzle Base Cards (25) and Complex Pattern Cards (4) are colored.

Materials Needed

· Printed Coloring Sheets and Instruction Sheets (16 pages), one of each for each student. Printer settings: Size to fit page.

· Glue

· Scissors

· Color pencils or water color pencils

· Cardboard (cereal carton or other)

· If needed: small frameless mirror and transparent plastic sheet

Get your own copy of the activity here.

Lets Play!

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