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Let’s Play!

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

The different functions of the mind that we base our educational games and activities on are the memory, emotions and thinking. The memory is the storage space in the mind, both subconscious and conscious. The emotional part of the mind steers creativity, exploration, innovation and the will.

Thinking has two different types of faculties, biologically situated in the right and left brain. The left brain is specialized to work with numbers, quantities, logic, structure, information, and analysis. The right brain is specialized to work with meaning, feeling, understanding, intuition, comprehension, imagination, creativity and synthesis. In the left brain information is divided and studied. In the right brain understanding is created as it brings all things together in unity.

Cooperative Memory

There are 30 pairs of Kaleidoscope cards. All players work cooperatively to match the pairs.

Choose the pairs you want to play with (first time playing use a maximum of 15 pairs). Mix up the pairs, then arrange them pattern side up in equal rows and columns. For a short time (about 15 seconds) everyone should focus and take a mental picture of the location of as many pairs they can hold with their attention. Then turn the cards over.

A person starts and tries to find a pair. If the cards match, the count is one. Each subsequent pairing, add 1 to the count. When cards do not match, the count restarts. At any time players can ask for help. The object is to match all pairs with the highest count. Regardless of a match, the turn moves to the next person.

As players begin to get a higher count add more cards, until you can work with all 30 pairs.

Let’s Play!

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