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Kaleidoscope Mandala Series

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

The Kaleidoscope Mandala Series is the outcome of many years of educational research with children, teens and adults from Auroville and the surrounding villages. We try to produce new educational materials that in this hectic day and age can offer people of all ages the opportunity to develop silence in the mind, reflection and introspection. We notice that whenever people connect with these activities, a concentrated energy permeates the atmosphere. The games encourage collaboration, sharing of ideas and finding solutions together. The activities will require insight and creative intelligence to delve deeper.

The Kaleidoscope Mandala Series includes includes activities at different levels, working through concrete experiences to develop a more abstract understanding with the help of the imagination.

  • Level 1 and Level 2 Color your own pattern Match Activities is the starting point. This activity can be explored with young learners, from age 4 up. By coloring patterns children discover that larger patterns can be built up of base patterns. They discover that patterns can have all the same shapes and be different – mirror images.

  • The combined Level 1&2 Pattern Match is a game though which the children can have endless creative play. A hinged mirror will add an extra dimension, and the smallest parts of the patterns – the elements – offer a new challenge.

  • Level 3 and 4 takes the concepts further, by adding complexity through patterns built with more cards. Level 4 is suitable for children age 9 and above. There are both activities to create your own game, as well as a ready game with many patterns and components.

  • Level 5 brings is based the difficulty that building patterns in different proportions adds. Patterns are small and are replicated in large. This also comes with a variety of explorative possibilities.

  • Level 6 is the final level, with a table size Kaleidoscope Mandala to build using 100 Base Cards, or using smaller Elements for the ultimate challenge. (coming soon)

  • Additional Activities: Cooperative Memory Game – can be adapted for all ages and levels.

Find the whole series here for your classroom.

Let’s Play!

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