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Updated: Jul 18, 2022

It was back in 1971 that Helga Ahy "AuroCulture" first arrived in Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, South India. There she met Mirra Alfassa, known as The Mother who inspired her to create a project called Aurogames kaleidoscope mandala puzzles. Although originally created for children, everyone is a child in spirit and can enjoy Aurogames, as they are timeless in character, and suitable for peoples of all ages, cultures and languages.

AuroCulture with the prototype games

The Aurogames prototype is a puzzle that deals with artistically designed components that can be put together in endless ways like the turn of a kaleidoscope. Playing requires patience and perseverance, learning to look to see, to be agile, and train memory. Playlearning, where exploration through the game brings insight, reflection and curiosity.

Only in 2016, four years before AuroCulture left her body, the game prototypes were handed over to a team in Auroville to be researched, developed and shared with the world. In the last five years the Aurogames team has succeeded in developing the game prototype into a series of school materials and home activities that anyone can download from the website.

Aurogames evolved over the years, through the concept of "Playlearning", aiding children to grasp difficult and abstract concepts through their own interest and exploration. This way of learning engages the child's attention, thereby supporting the development of concentration.

In the 21 century, when most of the population has an access to internet, we developed, this makes Aurogames available online to anyone, anywhere, on any device. With the fast pace of life in the world today, Aurogames offers a moment in the day to pause, play, and focus inward. Reaching you in your home, your office or school - to take a moment to stop, focus your attention, and play online!

If people are accustomed to playing regularly, they will gradually get used to being concentrated, determined, and patient in their play. The satisfaction that comes when completing building a pattern, motivates continued play.

We hope you will enjoy these free games! Play Aurogames online Here.

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