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Holidays at home in lockdown

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Many people experience a very busy lifestyle since the lockdown. We see it all around us, and hear stories from around the world. Juggling work, homeschooling, exercise for the whole family, and the usual logistics of cooking, shopping and house chores is the reality for most. Many families struggle financially in these times, and the nearing holidays can feel like a big economic burden with large expectations and big spending.

In a time when our society has changed, it is a time to change traditions at home too. We want the holidays to leave an imprint in our children’s memories of warmth, togetherness, laughter and joy. This is not about expensive gifts, but about connection between family members, a feeling of belonging, care and gratitude towards each other.

As we near the time when schools usually take a two week break in many parts of the world, make sure to take a break with your family too. Find a way to shift out of the lockdown routines, to create a holiday atmosphere in your home.

  • Decide on a date when your holidays start and end (those with online schooling probably have a fixed dates).

  • What do you not want to do during your holidays? (like avoiding screen-time for both adults and children)

  • Have a family meeting and plan together what you want your holiday to be like (how it will be different from your present routines). Perhaps different people in the family will be responsible for different aspects of your holiday time.

  • Prepare a list of things to do together. Choose new recipes to cook and bake, fun games to play, a good book to read aloud together. Have a place to gather ideas over the coming weeks. Then you will be ready when the holidays start.

  • Invest in gifts that can be enjoyed together by the whole family instead of individual gifts. Cooperative games and puzzles are examples of such gifts.

Cooperative Memory Game

We believe that working together as a family to create a plan for the holiday season will encourage the interest and engagement of both adults and children, and help to reduce the stress associated with the busy holiday season as well as the lockdown restrictions.

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