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Holiday traditions for the conscious parent

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

At this time of the year many people around the world start looking towards the coming holiday, and the giving of gifts. The exchanging of gifts at Christmas is a tradition that has lost its spirit, and consumerism has taken over. Generosity and giving without awareness behind our purchases has become a pattern that is jeopardizing our children’s chance of inhabiting our planet in the future.

With conscious parenting come choices, and the possibility to create new family traditions. Family traditions are important, and should be a way of passing on values, customs and beliefs to future generations. Traditions give people a sense of continuity and belonging, and are a way of creating and sharing memorable moments together.

Through the gifts we give should hold the values and behaviors that we want our children, family and friends to experience:

· Collaboration, care

· Joy, laughter

· Concentration, awareness

· Creative thinking, problem solving

Conscious consumerism is an important aspect when choosing gifts for your family and friends. Avoid gifts that have a negative impact on people and the environment. Some things to think about are:

· plastic items ex will take more than 500 years to decompose.

· the chemicals used in the textile industry causes pollution to water bodies and harm to those working in the industry (choose organic cotton and fair trade products).

· games in the form of war or weapons (toy guns, violent videogames) confuses the child and normalizes violence.

· instead of spending money on expensive gifts, give simple/needed/meaningful gifts. If you are financially privileged, rather offer support to people in the world who are less fortunate.

Build a holiday ambiance with twinkly fairy lights, family food and gifts that will bring your family together across generations. Activities that bring cooperation between individuals, facilitate joint efforts, smiles and happiness. Building the holidays around such gifts will bring back the true spirit of togetherness and gratitude.

Aurogames are designed to bring forth such moments. The beauty with these games is that they make working together easy, as each individual brings forth what she/he is able to offer.

Try our Cooperative Memory game for the whole family! An alternative to the traditional version of memory, in our game there is no judgement on each one’s input, as the collaboration comes when one player needs the groups help, and can take or leave the support offered. It offers a scaffolding of the player’s different capacity of memory, where the collective memory power is what determines how high a count the players can get together.

You can order this minimalistic box of playfulness here: Cooperative Memory Game

Together with a set of crayons of color pencils, our FREE sample activity is a perfect gift (age 8-12). It will offer hours of focused attention as your child creates her/his own puzzle game.

Level 4 - Pattern Match Activity

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