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Summer Holiday Play and Learning

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

As a teacher you develop a deep connection to your students, with a care for their growth and wellbeing that stretches beyond the school year and classroom walls.

With our games and activities you can extend that care to your students throughout their summer break.

For parents its not always easy to find challenging and engaging activities for their children. We are sharing new ideas of games that can keep children busy when out of school. Activities that can be enjoyed by children of different ages. Creative and educative play, that brings collaboration and fun in the holidays. Please feel free to share these ideas with your student's parents!

Our stimulating materials improve children's concentration through coloring and puzzling. They learn to recognize and create patterns with symmetry and mirroring, through systematic observation and problem-solving.

We have developed all our materials with simple child friendly step-by-step instructions. Your students will get many hours of focused time off the screen. They will not be dependent on their parents to support them in their summer learning.

Although the children can work with the games and activities very independently, they can also be played with cooperatively with a family member or friend. Aurogames are fun for people of all ages!

We offer a wide variety of levels and activities. Something for everyone.

Don't miss the opportunity to share these meaningful activities with your student's parents! Just copy these links and send them to your class email-list right away! Your parents will thank you for the family fun and learning!

Are materials are sent directly by email, no complicated login or registration needed.

Let's Play!

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