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Updated: Oct 28, 2021

For children to use their mathematical mind is important because it develops their ability to think logically and precisely. It gives the capacity to approach all areas of one’s thought and life with rigor and discipline. To develop the ability to think, it is important to learn how to structure and organize ideas. By bringing order to one’s mind, mental capacities can grow.

Geometry Curriculum

To have a rich variety of concrete geometry materials is a unique strength of a mathematics curriculum. Starting to introduce geometry through sensorial materials in kindergarten with children age 3-6, helps them become familiar with congruency, similarity, and equivalence. In primary school, children age 6-12 learn to draw, define, and describe lines, polygons, angles, circles, and geometric solids. They learn how to measure length and area of geometric shapes and solids. When introduced to the Pythagorean Theorem, children learn to apply the related formulae to abstract work.

Aurogames fill the gap

Although curriculums like the Montessori geometry curriculum are extensive and rich, there is often a gap when it comes to work with symmetry, mirroring and patterns.

We have developed a series of materials that offer exploration and learning in this area. Our geometry program is structured in progressive levels, introducing these concepts through a sensorial exploration. Download FREE samples here.


Patterns are progressively more complex as children grasp the concepts. It is developed for children age 4-12, starting with constructing very basic patterns, to with time and practice be able to understand and reproduce patterns with a kaleidoscope effect.

Base Cards

Base Cards present the children with challenges such as understanding mirror images. That have all the same parts, yet are different. Simple patterns are constructed with just 4 Base Cards, and then as the patterns get more complex they use 9, 25 and 100 Base cards.


By working with the Elements, which are the smallest shapes that the larger shapes can be constructed of, children have an in-depth experience of how patterns are constructed, and how mirror images and symmetry are replicated.

We offer both Games and Activities


The Games are printed in color and easily prepared and organized to be a part of the geometry shelf in your learning environment.

Watch children play our level 1 & 2 games here


The Activities offer an artistic dimension. Children explore symmetry, mirroring and patterns through coloring. The Activites are printed and made available for the children on the geometry shelf.

Watch children colour and create their own game.

All materials come in pdf format, to be downloaded directly and printed. Instructions of how to prepare and organize the materials are included, as well as teacher information for presentations.

DOWNLOAD the FREE Let's Play game and activity. It is for you - teacher or parent - to try our games and activities yourself. This exploration will give you an insight into the learning opportunities that Aurogames will offer your students/children. The FREE pdf offers 10 pages through which you can begin to get familiar with this amazing material. We guarantee that with the levels needed, working with these materials will engage the children. Aurogames will for sure enrich the geometry shelf in your classroom!

Take the chance now! As we have developed all our materials to be easily prepared by you, you can have the materials available to the children you work with right away.

We also want to avoid the pollution from transportation when shipping materials across the world. Therefor we see this as an eco-friendly version, and affordable for everyone as we are able to offer the games/activities at a low cost.

If you have any questions when preparing your Aurogames material, don’t hesitate to contact us at aurogames-kalvi@auroville.org.in.

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