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Educating the mind through the senses

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

We at Aurogames believe that it is through each individual’s progress that society will progress. Therefore education should nurture the aspects that can bring a new depth to humankind. To be truly educated, a person would develop an inner awareness and knowledge, learn to listen and be guided by it.

Such an education needs to be looked at through a new and unconditioned lens and education needs to be designed in a new light, with a deeper purpose. With this in mind we endeavor to develop educational materials in the form of games and activities that will require insight and creative intelligence to delve deeper.

We want children to get an education that builds their consciousness. To do this, we see that the education of a child needs to address the different aspects of the of the mind’s functions. This is something that is a key component in all the educational materials that we create.

The different functions of the mind that we base our educational materials on are the memory, emotions and thinking. The memory is the storage space in the mind, both subconscious and conscious. The emotional part of the mind steers creativity, exploration, innovation and the will. Thinking has two different types of faculties, biologically situated in the right and left brain. The left brain is specialized to work with numbers, quantities, logic, structure, information, and analysis. The right brain is specialized to work with meaning, feeling, understanding, intuition, comprehension, imagination, creativity and synthesis. In the left brain information is divided and studied. In the right brain understanding is created as it brings all things together in unity.

To perfect the instrument of the mind, we wish to create educational materials through which the child can develop their consciousness by refining their skills of seeing, hearing, speaking, directing their will and life energy positively, and developing their bodies to their full potential.

The games we are presently developing focus on refining the faculty of sight. Our educational materials offer the child the opportunity to find silence in the mind, concentration, attention, and memory. The thinking skills developed are rational, logical, analytic, systematic, strategic, tactic, divergent, convergent, conceptual, symbolic, creative and intuitive. Through their sight the children can reflect on how they see, what they expect to see and what is unknown. The games encourage collaboration, sharing of ideas and finding solutions together.

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