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Cooperative Memory game

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Game Description

This fun and engaging game is played cooperatively with a “team” of 2 or more players. It is suitable for children of all ages. It can be played with multi-aged teams – including adults. It develops focused attention, concentration, visual discernment, cooperative team work, memory, while having fun.

The game consists of 30 pairs of pattern Cards. Working with this particular set of cards encourages focused attention. Children have no frame of reference to name the cards to support remembering. The cards are not things with names, but patterns made with the same 3 colors. This requires children to look with close attention at the patterns to remember them.

Here are preview pages of the pdf that you can download to make your own game:

Materials needed

· Printed copy of the Teacher Instructions and Game Patterns (11 pages)

· Cardstock (Cereal carton or other upcycled items will work) for the Base Cards and elements or lamination sheets - One of these options will make the game more durable.

Get your own copy of the game here.

Let’s Play!

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