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Catching curiosity

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Curiosity is one of the strongest human capacities that drives learning. Children are naturally extremely curious, wanting to see, to know and to understand. Therefore this should always be used when designing for learning. Educational materials should include elements that stimulate curiosity, which then naturally leads the child toward critical thinking, questioning and opening up the mind to trying different solutions or answers with the help of the imagination.

This is the base for how Aurogames are designed. Not giving any solutions but allowing the child to try, be feel an inclination to explore. Aurogames offers the opportunity to try, to test different possibilities, to stretch ideas, to manipulate the parts, and to journey through the activities driven by curiosity.

With the help of trial and error children learn from their own mistakes, making them to try new ideas, to take apart and recreate. An inbuilt self-correction helps the child to learn to really look at the patterns, to see if they match. This is an important mechanism that supports learning. It is when a child discovers that something is not right, they are also closer to seeing the adjustments they need to make. These are life skills that when developed, the child will have use of in many other situations in life.

To develop the ability to look deeper to see supports the development of the faculty of sight. We look not just to see the most obvious, but to develop our sight to be able to catch details, to look beyond that witch clearly visible, and to look into that which is not yet known. This needs both the sensitivity of a deeper awareness that is developed through these games, as well as the ability to use the imaginative mind to reach beyond the immediately tangible sight.

Preparing the learning environment, be it at home or in school - with activities such as Aurogames that stimulate this part of the child’s being, will capture the child's curiosity!

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