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Benefits of Geometric puzzles

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Eco-friendly materials for a Conscious Education

Montessori Geometry Curriculum

Geometric puzzles stimulate the mind and are important for children’s development. They challenge the mathematical mind, develop visual perception, and explore special discernment among many things. Our puzzles that can be constructed in many different ways also stimulate and open up the mind to look for different solutions, to be flexible and to try different things.

Through our geometric puzzles children play by arranging parts to become a whole. We have developed this series of materials through which symmetry, mirroring and patterns are explored. Although the Montessori Geometry Curriculum is extensive, we found a gap that we have worked to fill with these engaging game puzzles and coloring activities.

Our Geometric Puzzles

Patterns of different complexity are built either using the Base Cards or Elements. Base Cards are square puzzle pieces. Elements are the smallest shapes that the Base Cards are composed of. Working with these stimulate the the child's mind in different ways, and offer different levels of challenge.

Base Cards and Elements

Depending on the number of Base Cards needed, the levels increase in difficulty. We offer games for children age 4-12, in levels 1-6, as well as coloring activities. These different ways of working complement each other well, and offer the child different ways of approaching the construction and deconstruction of patterns.

Puzzles composed of fewer Base Cards are introduced first, added complexity comes through patterns made of more Base Cards. Another way to add a challenge is to build a Complex Pattern that has been reduced in size. For children age 4-6, Levels 1and 2 are great. For age 6-9, try levels 1-4, and for children age 9-12, levels 3-6 offer perfect exploration.

The variations are infinite, as in a kaleidoscope, the pieces can be put together in endless ways, each time creating a novel pattern. Only the players creativity and imagination sets the limits.

These materials require patience and perseverance. If children are accustomed to playing regularly, they will gradually get used to being calm, determined, and patient in their play. The satisfaction that comes when a child completes building a pattern is also one of the motives for children’s motivation to discover new things, and continue to explore.

Get your own class room set

You find all our games and activities here!

Try our free teacher activity to get a feel of the materials yourself. We know you will enjoy them too!

Download now, and you will have the complete material ready when your students come back to your learning environment after the summer break.

We want to avoid the pollution from transportation when shipping materials across the world. Therefor we see this as an eco-friendly version, and affordable for everyone as we are able to offer the games/activities at a low cost.

If you have any questions or need of support, don't hesitate to contact us.

Let's Play!

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