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Activities with children at home during lockdown

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

The entire educational system in the world has been disrupted. Overnight most children began homeschooling, unschooling, or no-schooling. Parents have become teachers. Children have become their own teachers. Home and life have become school. We have observed this in Auroville, and also through friends and family around the world who have shared their experiences with us.

The daily reality looks very different for children and across the world, but more than 1,6 billion learners are being affected by the lockdown. There is talk of a second wave of covid 19, and governments in European countries like Spain and France are tightening their restrictions again. In India, although higher level schools have been told they may open by December, it seems this may be pulled back due to the fear of parents who rather keep their children home in these times. Many predict that children will spend this entire school year at home, maybe longer.

With children spending their days at home, how can this time be used in a valuable way? To find new activities through which to engage children and support their learning and development. It is a time to invest in equipping our homes with learning resources and educational activities.

Wonderful learning opportunities for children can be:

· Reading lots of books to develop vocabulary, grammar and spelling

· Building imagination and writing skills through creative writing

· Research to answer all the questions of the universe

· Doing the family's financial planning and accounting to practice arithmetic

· Cooking to develop practical skills and awareness of healthy habits

· Participating in housework and beautifying the home to build shared responsibility and care

· Cycling, going for walks, or exercise routines at home to keep their bodies active

Additional resources to develop a child’s concentration, focused attention, and curiosity are Aurogames. Try our free sample activities and other educational materials that are available online. They are ideal to be worked on individually, or across generations with siblings, parents and grandparents to build connection. Aurogames will offer your child many hours of valuable focused exploration, joy and creative play at home.

Find all our Activities here!

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