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Aurogames learning activities are designed for both school environments and communities where aging adults reside/come together.
Simply download the printables sent as pdf to your email, prepare the activities, and you have a rich,
progressive material for years to come. 
These materials can be played alone or cooperatively with a friend. 
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For children ages 4-12

The activities help develop concentration and mathematical thinking, and add an artistic exploration to the the geometry curriculum. For the creative teacher who is looking to enrich the learning environment with new, creative, hands on materials.

Suitable for all child-centered learning centers, Integral schools, STEM labs, Montessori schools, and homeschoolers. As the puzzles do not require a specific language, they can engage and benefit immigrant or refugee students with meaningful content. 


For aging adults

The learning materials support memory loss and sensory impairment, and allow elders to engage in meaningful activities. They are suitable for every culture, and for those who are impaired in their ability of language. The activities meet each individual where they are at, from basic to more challenging exploration. Nursing homes, early dementia care and community homes for elderly will benefit from Aurogames as a part of the daily activities available.


The Aurogames Instruction Manual

Hands on and step by step support for educators/caregivers when introducing Aurogames. Containing clear explanations and visuals, you are supported in preparing  the complete material, from the pdf’s with the printed patterns, into a series of levelled materials for your learning environment. 

Our Instruction Manual shows you how to enhance development of capacities, qualities, concepts and skills through progressive levels, from beginner to challenge.

Beginner levels are suitable for children ages 4 –12 years, and for the elderly.

Challenge levels are suitable for children ages 9+ and for the elderly.

Aurogames - Beginner and Challenge Materials

To be able to identify and create patterns is just the beginning of the mastery of life-long mathematical thinking, expression and skills, and for the aging mind pattern play supports the mind in agility.

Through Aurogames we offer situations in which the player can start to notice things, learning to look, to SEE, by putting attention to detail.

Training the faculty of sight, visual perception, and the eye to recognize and distinguish, to see forms, shapes, edges and spaces, as well as the relationship between these. This contributes to a flexibility and elasticity of the mind, as well as creativity and imagination. Concepts like rotation, reflection, symmetry and mirroring are introduced through pattern play and challenging the mind to see things from different perspectives. The activities help the player to focus attention and understand orientation.

Colour Your Own Puzzles - Beginner and Challenge

Enjoy colouring Patterns and corresponding Base Cards, creating your own geometric puzzles,

and have fun playing them too. Educational colouring activities to develop concentration, memory, creativity, focus, mathematical thinking, visual discernment, flexibility, spatial perception,

symmetry and fine motor skills.

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