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Colour & Create your own puzzles are fun and creative step by step worksheets. The material exercises mental agility, problem-solving skills, creativity and attention to detail. Kaleidoscope puzzles also introduce geometric concepts through art integration.

Simply download the printables sent as pdf to your email, and photocopy as many copies as you need for your group. The clear, child-friendly instructions will guide your students in the process of colouring and creating their own Kaleidoscope Puzzles. 

Colour Your Own Puzzles - Beginner and Challenge


Beginner levels are suitable for children ages 4 –8 years, and for the elderly.

Challenge levels are suitable for children ages 8+ and for the elderly.

Students enjoy colouring Patterns and corresponding Base Cards, creating your own geometric puzzles,

and have fun playing them too. Educational colouring activities to develop concentration, memory, creativity, focus, mathematical thinking, visual discernment, flexibility, spatial perception,

symmetry, and fine motor skills. After colouring their Kaleidoscope Puzzles, the students  explore the infinite possibilities of creating their own novel patterns. 

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