As educators, we are passionate about making this world a better place. We live in the international town of Auroville in South India. The idea of Auroville is to experiment with the possibility of Human Unity, where people from all over the world, with different cultural backgrounds, can grow individually and collectively. 

When building a city of the future - a city of peace, sustainability, and human unity, education has a central place. A method of education needs to be developed that will empower children to grow into young adults who can manifest change. We develop educational materials that will help implement a new way of education, designed to awaken the individual to his/ her full potential. This is where our passion lies. 

Presently we are exploring educational materials that nurture an imaginative mind. Puzzles that deal with artistically designed components can be put together in endless ways in a kaleidoscopic manner. Through our research, we have developed the kaleidoscope concept into a wide range of levelled games and activities. These activities encourage the children to learn in an atmosphere of equality, respect and harmony.

 Why do we call Aurogames a Montessori Activity?

Playing with the Aurogames develops concentration, memory, attention, analytic skills, patience, perseverance, mathematical thinking, cooperation, imagination, plasticity, creativity, visual and spatial perception, acuity, orientation, and flexibility.



Our team works in the field of research, consultancy, teacher training and educational material development.


Paula is from Canada. She is a registered nurse, has a B.A. in Psychology, and a Diploma in Ayurveda and in Neuro Dramatic Play. Paula has worked as a class teacher in Auroville for 15 years, and with game sessions and research on Aurogames since the past years.


Maya is from Sweden. She has a B.Ed. in Science of General Education (Mathematics/Science), a B.Ed in Pedagogy - Montessori/Integral Education/Learning Study, and an ongoing M.A. in Education for Sustainable Development - Integral Education. Maya has worked in the field of education since more than 20 years, as a class teacher in public Montessori schools in Sweden, and in schools in Auroville. 


Aurogames were originally created by Auroculture (Helga Ahy), a woman of Austrian origin. Her adventure in-game creation began in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in the 1970s. She worked on inspiration, sometimes through nights until a game materialized. This process of working through inspiration continued even after she moved to Auroville in the 1990s.

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