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All life is yoga - 12 Qualities Mindfulness Activity - Bring intention to the simple actions in your everyday life


The journey towards realizing peace and human unity comes through opening up your heart and mind towards acceptance of otherness and appreciation of diversity. Each person is responsible to work on their own growth, thereby contributing towards a shift in the collective consciousness. There is no other way than starting with yourself, where you are at, bringing for your strengths and working to overcome your challenges. By bringing transformative qualities to the forefront in your daily life, you can decide with awareness what you offer others through your mindset and actions.

Focus on personal transformation through a guided, explorative meditation while colouring and creating your own puzzle.

Colours represent different feelings and emotions to us at different times. You have surely experienced taking if the rich green colour of nature contrasting a clear blue sky, with a single flowering tree, showing a detail of pure yellow or pink. Sitting by the ocean at sunrise or sunset, taking in the ocean shifting in different shades, the sky in others, and the sun in the centre reflecting light and colour as a mirror in the two. Taking in the beauty, harmony and perfection through the colours.

Colours have a deep significance, and in this activity you work with transformative qualities for human unity, using the colours that they represent. 

The central circle of the symbol of human unity represents the Divine Consciousness.


The 4 inner petals represent the powers of Wisdom, Harmony, Strength and Perfection.

The 12 colours in the outer petals represent Transformative Qualities: 

     Towards myself:









Towards others:





To progress in personal and collective growth, bring transformative qualities to yourself, your colleagues, friends and family through the 12 Qualities Mindfulness Activity.

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