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Playing together brings joy and connection between people

Aurogames cooperative puzzles are timeless and for every culture. They can be built cross-generationally, together with grandparents, parents, siblings or friends.

  • Family kaleidoscope puzzle box containing 101 Puzzle Pieces. The puzzle pieces offer endless possibilities to create novel patterns, like the turn of a kaleidoscope.

  • With the box you also get the password key to download the 101 Patterns in progressive levels. ​​

  • ​This family puzzle is a product created with consciousness, from idea to production. It is hand-made using traditional screen-printing on re-cycled cardboard, made by local craftspeople. The puzzle pieces are sorted and packed with care. If any pieces go missing as can happen with puzzles, please reach out so that we can replace them for you instead of discarding the whole game. It is a puzzle of high quality and beauty to last a long time, with care for people and planet.

  • Shipping in India  all orders ship within 4-5 working days, (We cannot accept responsibility for the wrong address being used with an order)

  • Return can be done within 21 business days of receiving our package, and are subject to our original conditions.

  • Refunds for return orders can take up to 10 working days.    

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